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TL-04 Tesla series
Electrostatic Glass Roof Sunshade (Model Y)

Product Features

  • Perfectly fits Tesla Model Y, slim design and fully covers the glass roof.

  • Easy to install, electrostatic adsorption without the need for buckles.

  • Effective sunblock and heat insulation with no sunlight leaks.


Compatible with Tesla Model Y.



Step 1: Align and affix the product to the glass roof with the black side facing up and adhere it to the glass roof.

Step 2: Use the scraper to expel air bubbles from the edges.



To improve adhesion, you can use the gel patch. Please note that the patch may leave marks after use.


Product Introduction Video


Product Specifications

Dimension: 1390 x 1100 x 3 mm
Weight: 660 g
Material: Plastic
Content: Electrostatic glass roof sunshade (Y) x 1, Installation kit x 1, Storage bag x 1
Made in China

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