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About peripower


Peripower is derived from the combination of two words, peripheral and power. Our mission is to provide user-friendly and innovative mobile accessories to our consumers. This concept has been deeply ingrained in our heart since peripower was named in 2005.

We continuously thrive to be attentive for different types of mobile user, concern about their needs, provide them with innovative solutions and satisfy every aspect of their mobile lifestyle.
We care not only about the quality of our products, but also on our warm and friendly service towards our customers. Paying close attention to our customers' demands, we believe we can provide them with the newest, best and most innovative accessories.

In 2012, peripower finally began to join expos abroad, including China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries. Our aim is to let more people know about our products and bring convenience to their mobile lifestyle. We hope that we can create and provide more innovative products and reach all our users globally. We are ready to set peripower off, from Taiwan to the world.


Contact peripower


ADD: 3F., No12, Lane235, Baociao Rd., Sindian Dist, New Taipei City 23145, Taiwan (R.O.C)                 TEL: +886-2-8911-1133

CUSTOMER SUPPORT:Mon-Fri 10:00 AM ~ 05:30 PM (GMT+8), except holidays


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