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TL-01 Tesla series
Seat Belt Extender

Product Features

  • The design is user-friendly and straightforward, no tools are required to install.

  • Provide extra length and flexibility for comfortable and secure use.

  • Provide greater freedom to adjust seating posture and alleviate the pressure on the body during prolonged periods of sitting.

  • Can be used to eliminate warning sounds caused by placing heavy objects on the seat.

Compatible with all kinds of car models.


Step 1: Insert the seat belt extender into the seat belt socket until you hear a click sound. Pull the seat belt extender to check that it is securely fastened.
Step 2: Press the release button on the seat belt extender to remove.



The seat belt extender enhances user comfort without altering the original seat belt's functionality. Please follow the manual for correct installation. Regularly check for wear or damage on the buckle and ensure the release button works correctly. Avoid modifying the extender's design for safety reasons.

TL-01 安全帶延長扣

Product Introduction Video


Product Specifications

Dimension: 62 x 38 x 30 mm
Weight: 107 g
Material: Metal
Content: Seat belt extender x 1
Made in China

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