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Glass Roof Sunshades (3)
Glass Roof Sunshades (3)

TL-03 Tesla series
Glass Roof Sunshades
(Model 3)

Product Features

  • High-density fiber design provides 99% sun protection.

  • Newly upgraded nanotechnology for highly efficient heat insulation, featuring 6 layers of enhanced sun-blocking materials to prevent overheating.

  • Specifically designed for Tesla Model 3, ensuring secure installation with snap-on fasteners.


Compatible with Tesla Model 3.


Step 1: Insert the hooks onto the edges of the sunshade.
Step 2: Place the sunshade close to the edges of the glass roof and insert hooks into the glass roof's grooves.


Glass Roof Sunshades (3)
Glass Roof Sunshades (3)

Product Introduction Video


Product Specifications

Dimension: 680 x 465 x 40 mm
Weight: 1030 g
Materials: Silver-coated composite fabric, Metal
Contents: Front glass roof sunshade (3) x 1, Rear glass roof sunshade (3) x 1, Hook set x 1, Storage bag x 1
Made in China

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