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PO-02 Tesla series
Air Intake Vent Cover (Model Y)

Product Features

  • Specifically designed for Tesla Model Y, providing a close fit. 

  • Effectively prevents leaves, stones, and other small debris from entering and clogging the air intake system.

  • The 3D modeling design ensures a perfect fit along the curves.


Compatible with Tesla Model Y.

Step 1: Clean dust on the air intake vent area.
Step 2: Install the right half of the cover first, aligning the four connecting points with the slots on the air intake vent. Clamp and adjust it until it fits tightly. Repeat the same process for the left half.


Product Introduction Video


Product Specifications

Dimension: 1140 x 145 x 21 mm
Weight: 240 g
Materials: Plastic, Metal
Content: Air intake vent cover (Y) x 1
Made in China

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