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PO-05 Tesla series
Air Intake Vent Cover 
(Model 3)

​Product Features

  • Designed to protect the air intake vent from the entering of leaves, insects, and other debris.

  • Simple install with clamp design.

  • The wire mesh is securely welded using ultrasonic technology, ensuring durability.

  • Provides heat resistance and features a mesh design, does not impede the original function of heat dissipation.

Compatible with Tesla Model 3.

Step 1: Clean the dust around the air intake vent area.
Step 2: Snap the six clips into the grooves and adjust until they fit completely.


Product Introduction Video


Product Specifications

Dimension: 325 x 85 x 16 mm
Weight: 34 g
Materials: Plastic, Metal
Content: Air intake vent cover (3) x 1
Made in China

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