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MT-AM11 Suction Cup Rescuer 2-Piece Bundle


Suction Cup Rescuer

2-Piece Bundle

  • The sticky adhesive pad  is resistant to heat and has no glue residue.

  • The sticky adhesive pad can be attached onto a suction cup that has lost its suction and improve it.

  • Suitable for car windshields, dashboards, and rough surfaces.

  • The sticky adhesive plate can be rinsed with clean water and be reused.

  • Compatible suction cup diameter: 65-68 mm

  • The bundle has 2 pieces of suction cup rescuer.

Product Introduction Video


Product Specifications

Product dimension: 
Clamping range: 
Operating temperature: -20~65°C
Loading weight: 
Product weight:
Material Certification: RoHS Compliant

Product code: 7PP8SP0019


Rescues Your Old Suction Cup
Heat Resistant and No-Glue Residue
Wide Compatibility
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